Eco Silk Cot Sheet - Grey Confetti
Silk Cot sheet, baby bald spot
Silk Cot Sheet, baby bald spot

Eco Silk Cot Sheet - Grey Confetti

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An exciting new addition to our range, these cot sheets are made of Silky Tots eco silk, the perfect blend of mulberry silk and eco friendly eucalyptus fibres. This beautiful fabric behaves like pure silk, allowing delicate hair to glide across the surface, while the eucalyptus adds extra strength and durability. 

Silky Tots Silk Cot Sheets eliminate the friction that causes baby bald spots and bed head. Incredible results also shown on existing baby bald spots with noticeable re growth in 2-3 weeks.

Breathable, naturally hydrating & hypoallergenic, our eco silk blend is perfect for sensitive skin!

Bald spots are out and luscious locks are in!
No more bald spots, frizz or knotty tots!

◦ 50/50 Mulberry silk and eucalyptus (Tencel lyocell)
◦ 132cm x 70cm x 17cm fits all standard cots
◦ Fitted sheet, elastic ensures snug fit
◦ Oeko Tex 100 certified
◦ Designed in Melbourne in line with SIDS safety guidelines