What is a Sleep-Safe Environment?

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If you’ve got a new bub on the way, you’ve probably researched every little thing you need for them from cots and cribs to bibs, beanies and bouncers! But did you know your newborn spends up to 18 hours asleep every day? This means sleep becomes a big (and we mean, BIG) priority so it’s important that you get bub’s sleep environment and safety just right (and hopefully get some shut-eye yourself). 

If you haven’t yet purchased a cot/crib, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Check-list for new cots: 

  • Make sure it is deep enough to prevent your baby climbing out when they get more mobile, with at least 50cm between the top of the mattress and the top of the cot sides
  • Ensure the bars are between 2.5cm and 6cm apart, so your bub can’t get stuck between the bars
  • Ensure it doesn’t have corner-post extensions that your baby’s clothing could get caught on, or decorative cut-outs that could trap your bub's limbs 

Keeping bub safe in their cot:

Now that you’ve got the perfect cot and nursery set-up, you need to know how best to put bub to sleep to ensure the safest sleep environment.

Here are the non-negotiables: 

  • Lay your bub down on their back to sleep – not their tummy or their side (once bub can roll over themselves, around 5 months, keep placing them down on their back and let them find their own sleeping position)
  • place your bub with their feet at the bottom of the cot so they can’t wriggle down under any loose bedding

Silky Tots Silk Cot Slips can be moved to the exact spot that bub is sleeping on the cot mattress and comply with all sleep safety regulations. Ensure your cot slip fits snugly on the mattress, if it it is too loose do not use (we offer exchanges or full refunds due to sizing). 

  • Keep bub’s head uncovered and tuck bedding in no higher than the shoulders
  • Ensure the cot/crib mattress fits firmly inside with no gaps on the sides
  • Bub needs a cot/crib surface that is firm and flat – no pillows
  • Ensure bub is warm enough but don’t allow them to overheat

Silky Tots Silk Cot Slips and Silk Fitted Cot Sheets are temperature regulating and moisture wicking which can help bub stay at the right temperature while sleeping.

Sleep-Safe Environment

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